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Beach Flag standard

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Model: ZRB-ST
Availability: made to order
Expected delivery: 2024. 06. 28.
Shipping fee: 97.13€

The zero price do not be fooled, as pre-order the product, and you will the final price get at the calculator! Up until 50p! You do not see the program, but if you trundle down, it will be there, and there you can easily be loaded your product! The price includes the cost of printing the flag! The beachflag Yahoo Group lengthy design and test results, it is not the Far East, category! By us you buy in price – value rate for your money!

To get to know the expected price first you have to register. After signing up you will get a letter to your email address, and with it you can authenticated yourself. Once authenticated the e-mail address to contact you, and charge you the price. At calculator calculated price, you also can send yourself by clicking on „PLEASE MAIL” and it constitutes a formal offer. The offer is valid for 5 working days from the date of completion!

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Now come and I will show over to the ultimate finish line! The calculation is as follows: important for you the CODE! In the picture above you can see the different types and sizes of beach flags. Look at the code and the size and the name and choose in the calculator, enter the quantity box how many pieces you want. As far as we have, then, in the upper right corner is the new item button where you can add a new product to add more plus. That's all you see and the price is low. In order to maintain the functionality of the beach flaged, choose accessories to add! You can find the text by clicking on the list of accessories, the following code, you can see the accessories magnified image (here will open in a new window):

  • 7584 Spike metal spike into the ground, for what is the rod
  • 8834 Ground screw ground with removable screw here will be to pin the rod
  • 7874 Cross basic body professional hard ground use in confined spaces
  • 7794 Water base big both indoors and outdoors, you can use the 7975, 7976.8151 choose this size rod. Very simple to upload and you're done with water only
  • 7142 Steel basic body served both indoors and outdoors, it is quite difficult, if you do not really move the your beach flag then this is a good solution
  • 7358 Car wheel base promotion outdoor in inclosed spaces it is a really good decision, you’re just out of your car and put ont the mandrel the rod and finished
  • 8006 Water base small for easy transport and easy management can use anywhere, so it is very popular among  ourcustomers and it is very mobilis.
  • 8878 Water weight  it is for the cross holder, after you buy the beachflag, it could be used always, beacause you can use it indoor in a high winds too.
  • 7586 Bag if you are always travel, you should buy it, because you can take comfortable the beachflag on your shoulder

Now all the information are provisions for you and you can count. If you order the calculated products, graphic design post it on the basis of the pattern, our email address, is designed to The ROUND - STANDARD - WINDER - WING - DROP - BOW click here for the design pattern!

The form calculates prices in Hungarian Forints (HUF), but as soon as you put your desired products into the cart, the price will be exchanged to Euros (EUR).

Pole aluminium tube
Pole making interlocking tubes, biztosító szemmel ellátva
Tensioner end aluminium tube
Flag's material 110gr/nm knitted polyester
Confectioning black or white 12cm wide rubber band for the smooth stretches
Straining at the bottom of the flag, int the eyelet, with rubberrope and hook to the pole
flag press digital dispersion press

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