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5 questions - 5 answers!

  1. How can I choose a flagpole?
  2. How can I pay?
  3. Do you have personal transits?
  4. When will I receive my order?
  5. How can I choose the terrestrial flagpole component?

  1. What do you like more? The natur or the plastic flagpole? You can find these in our store. But really, both of them serve the same purpose. The length scale is what you need to decide how much you want to, and to choose for yourself right size flag.
  2. The potential payment: pre - transfer, credit card payment, PayPal
  3. Unfortunately, no - because we do not have customer service and shop outside Hungary.
  4. The ordered product delivery time, the system will send a confirmation.5-12 woriking days wou will receive your product. The time limit depending on the product and the available stock.
  5. We sell in our webstore Formenta Swedish flagpole manufacture’s components for there flagpoles. At the product page is written, to which component what parameter has. Compare with you component, and if the same, there is no other thing just take over the buying procedure.

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