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Anti torsion mechanism to Flag

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5.35€ (5.35€ + VAT)
Model: ZRF-11
Availability: 8 pcs in stock
Expected delivery: 2024. 07. 29.
Shipping fee: 97.13€

With this revolutionary invention you can say goodbye to the coiled flags caused nuisance. Please note, this product is compatible only with our flags and flag holders!

Follow these 4 steps to assambly:

  1.     pull over your flag to the tube you got
  2.     we enclose 2 or 3 fixing handcuffs, you have to clip them to the of the edge flag
  3.     pull over the assembled tube to the flag holder, but be careful to leave some gap to the hanger screw
  4.     pull up the circlip to the flagholder, and fix it

You are done, and you can be sure that your flag will not wound on your flag holder.

Choose the intelligent flag holder part to the appropriate flag size. You will find the available sizes in the drop-down menu!

Length choose the length as the flag you bought
Usage just for 26mmdiameter flagpole
Material PVC tube
Flag fixing mode with insurer clips
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