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Flagpole small weight

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7.83€ (7.83€ + VAT)
Model: 132510
Availability: made to order
Expected delivery: 2024. 06. 07.
Shipping fee: 97.13€
Qty: pcs

The flag-weight helps you to prevent the flag to crawl up on the pole in windy weather conditions, furthermore it keeps the flag taut and aesthetic. You have to attach the weight of the flappole to the lowest carabiner of the flag. In case your flags size is maximum 5 square metre this flag weight is the good choice for you.

Buy a weight to your carabiner, by this you can easily fit it to your flags carabiner.

There is a rubber ring on the weight to prevent the flagpole from injuries and scratches, and to keep it aestethic for a long time. This rubber ring can reduce the sound effect of hitting the flagpole. It is important in case the flagpole is equipped in the near of dwelling houses.


Weight 1.2 kg
Material Steel
Fixing mode the eyelets for the snap hooks to hang
Finishing the weight galvanized, protected by shoned plastic
Usage up 5 nm 2's flag
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