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Checked flag

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4.66€ (4.66€ + VAT)
Model: KOCZ-1
Availability: made to order
Expected delivery: 2024. 08. 06.
Shipping fee: 97.13€
Qty: pcs

The main component of these products is knitted polyester, it has been designed for long term use: Our Árpád-striped flag is not made of more section. Why is it so important? The flags made from more sections can easily tear along the sewing, therefore the lifetime of these products is not so long.

Our flags are material painted, therefeore these products will not fade easily, and they are washable in washing machine on 30 degrees: Our flags main component is a technical linen, which has been developed for special purposes, so it is not pilling and bust easily!

Now you know what are you buying, and you can be sure this is what we people call: quality!

Material textil 110gr/nm2 knitted polyester
Making digital press
Confectioning double sewed at the sides, for 26mm diameter flagpole
Usage for ground-mounted flagpole
Fixing mode for the pole safety hook-handle
Washing can be washed at 30 Celsius

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