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Ground based pole British - EU - Mourning

  1. What flag size should I choose?
  2. Howe do I use the flag?
  3. What is wind tracker?

  1. We can determined the flag size, as the half height of the pole and it will be the flag’s height. So, for a 8m lengt pole, we offer a 4x1,5 m length flag. The flag’s width can be: 1,0m, 1,2m, 1,5m. From any width can be selected.
  2. At the National Weather Service, at orange or red emergency, you must removed the  flag. This is important because you can avoid the flagpole from damage or the flag from the premature wear of the time.
  3. This is a rod at the end of the flagpole. The wind tracker is a structure which provides a flag fixed opening hours, so even calm can be seen the inscription on the flag.

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