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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The purpose of this Privacy Statement, the Corrad Design Ltd. principles and rules for shop given by the user in the use of the site and the site has been made available for operators to manage personal data and other information determines. The scope of this Statement only covers information required to access the site, made ​​available to the data controller, the provisions do not apply to the case when a person voluntarily disclose your personal information or part of the site or the site of mediation.

The information you provide on the Corrad Design Ltd store only to fulfill the order, the order conditions later prove, or for sending newsletter. The information you provide on the Corrad Design Ltd store only to fulfill the order, the order conditions later prove, or for sending newsletter. Your data will not be passed unless it is to comply with the contract as an sub-contractor is involved, for example. Third party courier, who received the information from Corrad Design Ltd in no way entitled to use, store or pass on to third parties. Your data handling and protection of the public interest in disclosure of data Personal data on 1992nd proceeds in accordance with the Act LXIII year.

The ownership

We declare that the Corrad Design Ltd owns the sites displayed information, images and written text. The content and the design of the pages is protected by international and Hungarian law. It is also forbidden us from the information, pictures, articles for sale, alteration in any form and re-launched. Any other material published on our right is maintained, and if necessary, the courts can be enforced either..

Those who register at our catalog, our privacy statement accepted and agrees it.


Corrad flag-flagpole webshop is waived for certain services and voluntary unless a prior user registration. Upon registration, users can also define the data that is on the protection and the public interest in disclosure of data Personal data 1992nd LXIII. under the Act shall be considered as personal data, so they can treat the provisions of this law shall be applicable.

The user at registraion have to give up for the succesful registration, the following informations:

    - Name (User name)

    - Company

    - E-mail

    - Phone number

    - Password

    - Residence

Personal data to any specific (identified or identifiable) natural person (hereinafter referred to as 'concerned') associated with the data, this data deductible from such information. The personal data will retain its quality during the processing of data as the data connection can be restored. A person can be counted as identifiable if He – directly or indirectly- name, identification number or to one or more physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity features identified on the basis of factors.

Objective of data management

Data management is intended solely to facilitate the users of communication to, where appropriate, to make it possible to tailor the provision of certain services, and communications related to the newsletter service. The Data may not be treated with particular personal data, if such users or for any reason as published on the site, the data controller shall disclose or database are recorded, the data handler immediately after becoming aware entitled to delete.

Users have the opportunity through the website for consultants to send a message. These messages, it is possible to describe a specific or general legal issues, in order to respond to those individual consultants or generally. Please users to these messages addition, given during registration figures do not include collated any personal information, and where to enter the case is strictly necessary to this type of data, it will be made during the personal contact (e-mail, telephone, consultations etc).

If the user still gives a message of personal spite or specific personal data, the Data Manager will assume that the user has explicitly consented to the treatment, the Data Manager reserves the right to delete such data promptly.

Key principles for the handling of personal data:

In order to be treated as personal data only for specified purposes, the exercise of rights and fulfillment of obligations.

At all stages of data processing must meet the objective.

Data management over personal data only to use that realization of the objective of data management is essential for achieving the aim.

Data management is done only to the extent and duration necessary to achieve that purpose.

The personal data - in the absence of statutory requirements - can be treated only if the visitor's consent.

Data services - voluntary or mandatory - Nature must be presented prior the data recording. In case of mandatory reporting laws should be indicated in the prescribing information.

In the data management of the data will be used only for the stated purpose.

In addition to data management is intended to be published on clear information as to who the data will be handled and processed.

The purpose of the data storage data management should be implemented in a secure manner merits, the ratio of time required for the purpose of data management.

The controller shall provide for the security of data and the obligation to take all technical and organizational measures to establish the rules of procedure that are necessary to the relevant provisions take effect.

The information shall be protected in particular against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or deletion, damage or destruction.

The visitor may request information at any time during the processing of data, or verify the contents of data on demand at any time request for rectification, modification, alteration or deletion.

Visitors consent to the data subject at any time amend or revoke them.

The processing is usually done by machine.

The purpose of data processing in data erasure should be full time based on meeting regulatory requirements.

The data will be transmitted, just as a variety of data processing can be linked together if the visitor has consented or permitted by law, and if the conditions are met for each of the data processing personal data.

Before the implementation of the data management service - taking into account the legal requirements - must disclose the data recording method, purpose and a clear and understandable information - in the case of the data is voluntary - voluntary character named.

Contribution to data management

The user expressly consents when register to manage data which given in the register required under the Data Manager.


The Data seek all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of its use of IT systems to realize, to prevent unauthorized access to data stored in particular with regard to the site, however, states that computer equipment containing page is not hosted, so in turn the current storage service is the responsibility.

User rights information management

The user can request information about the management of personal data and personal data’s corrected or deleted. The user's request to the Data Manager information that it processes data, data management, the legal basis and duration of the processor name, address (headquarters) and activities related to data management, as well as on who and for what purpose received or will receive the data. The Data Manager is required within the shortest possible time from the filing of the application, but not later than within 30 days in writing, provide the information in an intelligible form. The user may at any time request the correction or amendment.


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