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Warranty conditions


Our products are sold in accordance with the rules of the warranty in force in Hungary! From the legal minimum 12 month warranty is mandatory for all new products we sell. The longer warranty period for the product concerned are indicated separately! The period commencing on the date of the invoice and warranty card.  

According to the consumer protection standards for the products detected within 72 hours of failure to exchange the defective product to the manufacturer liable.

   Warranty claim joint presentation of the documents listed below are enforceable:

- The entire product is factory packaging all factory accessories

- A copy of the receipt or invoice

- Warranty card issued by the company (only with terrestrial poles) otherwise account

- The item is factory-supplied FACTORY WARRANTY CARD (only for terrestrial poles)

We can not accept a warranty claim in case of partial or total lack of them!

Our company arrange repair process as soon as possible with the imported warranty issue products in compliance with the relevant legislation. The warranty repairs, inspections lead time is typically 1-2 weeks, but the Corrad Design Ltd reserves the right to make this reasonable period of time may be longer.

The 72-hour replacement applies only to products which failure occurred during normal use. Failures resulting from improper use (for example: torn flag for wind power, terrestrial pole parts break because of the strong winds, etc) are not changed as it is not covered by the warranty commitments in Hungary.

Accordingly, in case of failure of the further course of action within 72 hours of the product:

The observed defects must be reported to the Corrad Design Ltd (seller), the manufacturer / importer phone number (phone number for more information accompanying the product warranty letter, only in the terrestrial poles). If the Corrad Design Ltd. Based on the investigation of the complaint is justified, the manufacturer shall undertake immediate replacement of the product.

If the failure occurred within 72 hours as a result it is clear that the intended use will, of course, an immediate exchange will be provided.

If the intended use is not clear, it is only aware of the official webstore expert opinion agrees failure to replace the defective product within 72 hours.

For the terrestrial poles failure to proceed in accordance with the warranty card in the pack, or sent to you with a receipt of the information. The flags feature of the guarantee account.

Packets sent to port does not accept web store, it is in any case be returned to the sender!

The cost of the warranty return every case, the customer's expense. Of course, if it turns out after they are returned that it is material defects or subject to the warranty conditions problem is, the shop shall reimburse the cost of transport.

Improved by a third party, or improper handling, setting and not subject to the warranty conditions problems we can not reimburse the cost of transport.


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