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Final holder 56 mm

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7.56€ (7.56€ + VAT)
Model: 215050
Availability: made to order
Expected delivery: 2024. 08. 06.
Shipping fee: 97.13€
Qty: pcs

If it is broken or worn, you found the solution, now you can buy the finial keeper to your flagpole. This little plastic found on the end of the flagpole, it is connected to the finials with a screw or strainer clips. The finials keepers skirt must be fitted to the flagpoles end, and have to fix it with 3 screws. Now you can fit your finial to your flagpole to make it aesthetic again.

Diameter 56 mm, that sized matched to flagpole's ended, which can be inserted into this diameter
Material PVC
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